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Healing with Reiki | Reiki as spiritual healing

Here’s the kicker…You don’t need Healing! Literally you don’t and that’s the greatest gift I can give you. Why do I say this? It’s because at the core of your being is something so miraculous, so pure and perfect that no amount of reiki healing, therapy and spiritual council will have any effect on who you really are – which in its essence it’s divine consciousness

So why Reiki? | Reiki Healing

Reiki is a wonderful system for balancing out the parts of you that feel distant, out of sync with the real you. The parts of you that have been conditioned to believe that you are not enough, defective in some way and have been heavily pushed and often hurt by the socialisation process (school and family life) to believe this as your reality.

Our job therefore is to bring so much love in our reiki sessions together to these parts of you, so in essence you begin to remember how magical and special you are and how wonderful your life can become.

Once you feel balanced, aligned and clear all of which we can definitely focus on in session, an awakening begins to happen. Often clients report a feeling of oneness with life, a deepening relationship with their true self and a knowingness of their own connection to divinity.

Thus, I say you don’t need Healing…

You just need to remember who you truly are! To step back into and align with a power that wants nothing more than to help you live that greatest vision of your soul journey – it’s time

Let’s do this!

Your here for a reason, I look forward to hearing from you

Here’s a video I recorded on what love is…

I hope you enjoy

London Reiki

Reiki in London | Reiki London

I’m pleased you’re here!

London is definitely the place to be for all things Healing. With a population over well over 10 million there are so many Healing styles and opportunities to choose from. Of all the styles my favourites have to be Healing like Reiki, five element Acupuncture and a less well know Healing modality called Psych K – definitely Google that one!

So why bother?

That’s the question! In truth my answer is simple, living that busy lives we do, forever giving, creating, working and doing there needs to be a balance, there needs to be time out and as important a time of really investing in yourself – it’s this time really spent looking after yourself and your needs at a core level that has such a positive effect on that rest of your life, it’s the people that put their own health and well-being first that are actually in the best place to serve and help the world!

So why Reiki?

Reiki is such a wonderful system to help you get back in track, to take time out of the “have-toos” the rushing, the day to day and really start to look out for yourself at a core level asking…

What’s important to me?

What’s going to make me happy?

What do I need to do/let go of to really move forward?

We can look at all of these in session and many more. Our focus will be to help you too live the greatest vision of your life and take the steps needed to really move forward.

It’s when we combine the focus and drive of London life with time spent Healing and caring for ourselves that lives becomes much more joyous, fun and celebratory and in truth has so much more meaning.

Here’s a YouTube video I just found from a few years ago – all about letting go…

I look forward to meeting you

Let’s go this!