What Is Reiki For Animals – Reiki London

March 20, 2019help

Depression – How Reiki Therapy Can Help Reiki aims to help with depressive disorder by clearing the thoughts that immobilize it. You should always bear in mind that the mind and body work as one. If your body is bogged down with negative energy, depression is going to be one of the undesirable side effects. … Read More

ANIMAL REIKI – Welfare for animals

February 6, 2019Blog

Reiki acts on the energy circuits of the body. All animals are very sensitive and very receptive to Reiki energy. Reiki will reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety (ie, stress greatly reduces their life expectancy). Reiki relieves pain, soothes emotional and behavioral disorders, relieves inflammation, promotes relaxation, promotes self-healing processes and stimulates vital processes. In which cases … Read More