Benefits of Reiki on the body and mind

To understand the benefits of Reiki, one must already know the meaning of the practice. Traditional Reiki is a meditative relaxation by touch. This method of natural health helps to find a well-being of the body. But also, at the same time, mind. For this, he combines a secular meditation with a light touch of specific points of the body. It works through the resonance of meditation (or meditative resonance).

Retrospective on Reiki


Two Japanese words constitute the word Reiki: “Rei” meaning spirit and “ki” which translates as energy. Thus, Reiki means: spirit energy, or strength of the mind.

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki

This practice of Asian origin was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the Japanese Mikao Usui. Traditional Reiki is based on the natural and traditional functioning of the human being. Note that Traditional Reiki, in this sense, is none other than the original Reiki. And so it is the same benefits of Reiki. As its founder Mikao Usui said in Japan in the 1920s, this method generates a healing of the mind. The meaning, in our modern culture, is: healing from the pain of living.

Reiki session and meditation

Conduct of a Reiki session

A Reiki session usually lasts one hour – sometimes an hour and a half to two hours with a master practitioner. The consultants (people who come to consult, as opposed to patients, medical term) know the benefits of Reiki. They thus regularly experience: an internal security, a mental peace and a durable and progressive well-being. In fact, the benefits of Reiki are broad, and affect the whole of the person.

Benefits of Reiki: Connection with those of meditation

Because Reiki is based on meditation, they are the same as the benefits of meditation. When the mind is better, the psychic suffering diminishes. If the mind is better, the body will be too, and some symptoms, even psychosomatic diseases, can diminish – or even disappear.

Multiple Reiki benefits

On the physical plane

Reiki can soothe the psychological tensions that prevent personal fulfilment. By strengthening the immune system weakened by stress, it can preserve the body of certain diseases.

The benefits of Reiki also allow a complement to the medical, based solely on the comfort of the person. He supports her physically and mentally. Thus, it is also possible to intervene preoperatively, in preparation for comfort of the body and mind. The same goes for postoperative intervention. The practice of Reiki therefore helps to better recover after less heavy surgical procedures.


The benefits of Reiki are measured in the relief of people, in the face of their emotional and mental problems. But also in the sense of lost life – hence, the term spiritual therapy. By erasing stress, it promotes relaxation and provides restful sleep and good quality. It helps to have a serene pregnancy. Reiki also promotes recovery after a psychological shock, or moral distress, however, without curing mental disorders.

Reiki against depression and the benefits it brings to our lives

In 2004, a study showed the benefits of Reiki against depression. Its purpose was to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy care. The people who participated were suffering from depression and psychological stress. This study was conducted over six weeks on 45 people, aged 19 to 78 years. In the end, the survey showed that Reiki was effective until one year after the energy treatment. The results are as positive in face to face as in distance. It happens that the practitioner exercises from home, and treats a person several kilometres away. For that, he uses visualisation.

Conduct of the study on Reiki against depression

The group of 45 people was separated into three. The first group received personal care. The second benefited from distant care. The third was the control group, that is, the care was purely fictitious, it was placebo.Twelve therapists were chosen. They used the same techniques not to distort it. Patients were treated weekly, Reiki’s session lasted more than one hour. These people answered a questionnaire before and after the healing experience. It allowed to determine, according to precise indicators, their state of stress, despair and depression.

Result of the study

Scientists have observed a decrease in states of stress, hopelessness and depression in patients who have actually benefited from energy care. Patients in the third group experienced no improvement in their health status. The decrease in symptoms in patients who have actually benefited from Reiki care has continued for one year.

An energy treatment to get better

The professionals of this medicine advocate a minimum of four care, and more if the depression is serious. This care consists of cleaning energy centres or chakras, essential for the circulation of energy in the body.

The following sessions give the patient the desire to take control of their health. Then he regains consciousness of his limits, focuses on him and gives himself a break. Because the people with depression are often monopolised by their entourage, do too much and forget themselves little by little for the benefit of others. Their vital energy decreases, and they tire. But now they can receive the universal energy so that they can recharge their batteries. Cosmic energy gives importance to personal well-being, to individuality.