Benefits of Reiki on the body and mind

February 8, 2019Blog No Comments

To understand the benefits of Reiki, one must already know the meaning of the practice. Traditional Reiki is a meditative relaxation by touch. This method of natural health helps to find a well-being of the body. But also, at the same time, mind. For this, he combines a secular meditation with a light touch of … Read More

Reiki against depression and the benefits it brings to our lives

February 6, 2019Blog No Comments

In 2004, a study showed the benefits of Reiki against depression. Its purpose was to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy care. The people who participated were suffering from depression and psychological stress.┬áThis study was conducted over six weeks on 45 people, aged 19 to 78 years. In the end, the survey showed that Reiki was … Read More