What to think of Reiki masters? How to choose a master?

A Reiki master is only a “bridge between two worlds”, that of the physical and that of the subtle. He is not a master of thought, but only a witness of this energy that transcends us, a simple channel. He is responsible for the teaching he disseminates and must be faithful to that given by Mikao Usui.

The first mission of a teacher is to transmit the initiations and techniques of Dr. Mikao Usui in a faithful manner, accompanied by his lineage and certificate of initiation. After the initiation seminars, his role is limited to advising new practitioners in their personal practice of Reiki (techniques, experiences). This is part of the follow-up after initiation. It is not up to the teacher to solve the problems of the new practitioners he has initiated, but he will nevertheless listen and advise them about the practice of Reiki. Everyone must make his way and it is the responsibility of each to pursue a personal work of evolution.

Thanks to Reiki, suffering can be alleviated. Reiki is an excellent tool to solve problems. And it works, as previous insiders can attest. But you have to arm yourself with patience and consistency, because everything cannot be solved in a day. In any discipline, to achieve results, perseverance, willpower and courage are important factors. Any Reiki Master must be able to present his lineage on which appear all the names of the Reiki masters of his lineage before him. Practitioners from 1st to 3rd degree do not appear on this lineage, only teacher are included. He must also be able to present his certificates from 1st to last degree. Likewise a Reiki teacher NEVER initiate “from a distance” because he knows perfectly well that the person must be present in order to be able to connect to the very essence of the symbols, be effective and to actually hold the Reiki energy.

The Reiki Master puts the student in contact with the pure essence of the Energy of Symbols through the initiation ritual. Each person is free to choose their Reiki Master Teacher. But the reliability of a master depends on documents that justify the veracity and seriousness of his claims. If someone claims to be a Reiki Master, you have every right to ask for the documents mentioned above! Then it’s up to you to judge if this person is reliable or not.

Do you know how to choose your Reiki outfit?

Reiki is a hands-applied treatment that aims to transmit universal energy. Many people wonder about the type of clothing to wear during a Reiki session, to let energy flow freely. Here are some recommendations for how to dress well for Reiki, so you can make the most of your Reiki session.

Dress code for reiki

First of all, know that Reiki is practiced dressed. If during a treatment, you are asked to undress, be vigilant! Indeed, Reiki is a method of energy care, and clothing is absolutely not a barrier for energy.

Dress code required

For a good dress code for Reiki, avoid any garment or accessory that might bother you. For example, do not wear a tight belt, a collar that would interfere with certain movements, heavy earrings or close-fitting clothing.

Natural fibers

There are different types of fibres for making clothes: artificial, synthetic and natural fibres.
Artificial fibres are produced from natural resources, but by chemical transformation processes. Synthetic fibres, for their part, are products derived from petrochemicals (polyester, acrylic, elastane). Finally, there are two types of natural fibres: vegetable fibres (flax, hemp, cotton, nettle) and animal fibres (wool, silk).
If any outfit will do the trick to give or receive a Reiki treatment, go fro the natural fibre clothing.

Reiki is a holistic method of care, it considers the human being as a whole. Although synthetic and man-made fibres are often cheaper to buy, they last less than natural fibres, and their production is polluting and harmful to the ecosystem. If the production of ecological fibre clothing is not impeccable either, wearing natural fibres reduces your environmental impact, and can also protect your health from possible allergies to solvents used to treat fabrics.

In addition, it is said that universal energy circulates better when you wear natural materials!