What Is History Of Reiki – Reiki London

March 21, 2019help

Reiki Treatment for Physical Afflictions There are a whole host of physical ailments which can be cured with the use of Reiki healing. The Reiki practitioner’s ability to zero in on the problem areas is the main rationale for this. By using conventional medical practice, it is not normally possible to employ such a razor … Read More

The History of Reiki

December 25, 2018Blog

The life of the founder Mikao Usui The founder of Reiki is Japanese Mikao Usui, born in 1865. His father educated him according to the progressive ways of Emperor MEIJI, then in power. Fervent meditator, of Japanese family tradition, Mikao Usui developed a particular interest in meditation. Let us remember that meditation allows, above all, … Read More