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Reiki Therapy – What is It?

To put it simply Reiki healing is a procedure for eliminating energy from a person’s body using nothing but the hands. It does not involve massaging, in that there’s squeezing or kneading of the muscles. It is a procedure whereby the practitioner places their hands on the client’s body till the energy leaves them. This whole treatment could take a few minutes or it may last longer. There’s really no established time for how much time it should take to remove energy from certain body parts.

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Reiki for Physical Illnesses

There are actually a variety of physical conditions that are said to be controlled with the use of Reiki therapy. The ability of the Reiki specialist to perfectly zoom in on the site of the problem is the primary explanation behind it. By using traditional medicine, it is not normally very easy to have such a laser-like focus on a sufferer’s afflictions. Reiki therapy however, helps a therapist to eliminate the exact ailments that a sufferer is dealing with. This could be the reason why a lot of people would prefer to merge traditional medical procedures with Reiki therapy.

The 3 Essential Steps to Reiki Initiation

Practice Reiki: The 3 Essential Steps of Reiki Initiation

To practice reiki, one must pass what is called a reiki initiation. A reiki initiation is a ceremony given to a reiki student at the end of a reiki level of study. At this ceremony, the reiki master who practices the initiation transmits his vital energy to his pupil. After a reiki initiation, the student has the received universal energy for the rest of his life. He can use this energy in turn to heal himself and others.

The three stages of Reiki initiation are essential to a practice that transmits vital energy through the hands of the Reiki practitioner.

After a reiki initiation, the student is able to channel the universal energy used in reiki healing, balance, purification and protection treatments. Level 1 Reiki initiation teaches the story of reiki and the work of the hands. According to the Reiki system, there can only be four Reiki initiations at this level.

1 # The fundamentals of Reiki practice

This level of Reiki initiation is focused on the ability of the hands to circulate the energies. This work is intended to open the heart of the student to better disseminate universal energy. The first level of Reiki initiation is essential. It lays the foundation for all other levels and reiki practice. It is therefore recommended to master this level of Reiki initiation before the student moves on to the next step.

At Level 2, reiki initiation is dedicated to the development of the subtle body (our spiritual body that is also reflected in our aura). The student discovers here the main symbols used in Reiki: the symbol of power, the mental or emotional symbol and the symbol of distance.

2 # Development of the aura of the Reiki practitioner

Reiki symbols concentrate universal energy for very specific purposes. This level allows the student to achieve a higher level of harmonisation and vibration energy. In the second level of Reiki initiation, the student begins to practice care. It also addresses the diffusion of care over time and distance. Level 2 provides only one initiation ceremony. This level of Reiki initiation is devoted to develop the subtle body of the aura.

3 # The way of mastering Reiki

Finally, the third level is a level of mastery. In some Reiki initiation systems, this is the main level. In others, it is the level that ends with a final initiation to become a reiki master.
At this level, and after following the proper Reiki initiations, students can now teach Reiki in turn. To be admitted to this level, the student must master the work of the hands, the reiki symbols and the way of transmitting his energy to initiate others.

At this level of reiki initiation, reiki teaching reaches a much deeper level than the other two levels.