I felt strong and positive emotional shifts from the very first session I had with Mark. I found him to be highly intuitive, as he picked up on certain things that I had told him nothing about; he was spot on. After just one treatment, I felt a renewed sense of positivity, and a greater perspective. The session itself was calming and soothing and I left feeling much more balanced than when I arrived.

I think Mark is gifted when it comes to picking up on exactly what it is you need from a healing session and I will certainly be going back to see him again.

Khaled Bazzi


Mark is not only an amazing healer, he is also an inspiring and truly wonderful person. Through our sessions I have felt a deeper connection to the divine source of all life. This has helped me to trust more in my intuition and be guided to find greater meaning and purpose in my life. Thank you Mark!

Michael Arnold


Mark has a remarkable positive attitude to life which is happily infectious. He has a great enthusiastic energy to be around. He tunes into the spirit world and cocoon’s you from the outside world. He helps you to regain your own inner connection with life. He has consistently been accurate, calm, compassionate, patient, tolerant and non-judgmental with me as my healer. I can honestly say I do feel more grounded and reassured mentally, physically and spiritually after my healing sessions with Mark. If you find it difficult to relax or if you worry or get anxious about the outside world then I highly recommend Mark Collin as your healer. Mark has a special gift of identifying exactly what you need. He can help you find that center of peace within yourself. You can then move forward in your life with a new sense of calm and radiate your inner confidence and pure joy.

Carina Coen


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